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Miele Marine USA

Miele Marine - Laundry It’s not a secret – our patented honeycomb drums and space frame constructions reveal our innovative, effective approach to laundry. Our 110 years of laundry expertise is reflected in our high quality laundry equipment, thus ensuring our customers the effortless, carefree laundry experience that they deserve.

No matter if you’re in need of a standard size model or one of our larger capacity professional washing machines, you can always expect your individual washing needs to be fulfilled with Miele. What is it that you want – great fabric care? Or fast wash cycles? We have it all – just take a look at our large selection of Washing machines and Tumble dryers.

After all, we are here to make life more convenient for you! For our customers with Superyachts, we recommend our small footprint commercial machines, such as the Little Giants or our Professional Laundry Systems.

These laundry processes are also perfect for cruise ships, commercial vessels, or rigs. Or if you’re tight on space, you can always consider our convenient Washer/Dryer-combo!